We are a sustainable energy infrastructure company – we design and build bespoke electricity solutions for customers based on their individual requirements. 

We do this by partnering with with remote and regional communities. 

Tersum Energy sell electricity to customers through our
electricity partner Clear Energy

No upfront costs for customers, as ownership of the assets remain with Tersum

Reduction in the cost of electricity as generation is located onsite

Improved reliability of supply as generation is located onsite 

Revenue is recycled in the communities we work with and stimulates economic development

Solving the problem

Western Australia has a distinctly different energy market which is not interconnected with the rest of Australia. The Western Australian Electricity Market (WAEM) is comprised of three key elements: the South West Interconnected System (SWIS), North West Interconnected System (NWIS) and island or off grid dedicated generation, transmission and distribution systems providing the bulk of electricity to the mining companies and remote communities in the Pilbara Region of WA. 

With energy demand growing as a result of increased resources activities and and associated community developments, the opportunity exists to develop a holistic and sustainable approach to meeting demand through development of sustainable energy sources combined with demand side management innovations, thereby better managing peak demand and avoiding excessive capital expenditure. Tersum is well positioned to take a leading role in these commercialisation opportunities. 

Project Delivery

Tersum will engage stakeholders throughout the design and delivery phases to ensure constant, transparent information is shared, understood and supported. By working collaboratively with local government, local community and industry, Tersum aims to minimise environment and community impacts and deliver positive long-term social benefits in areas such as employment, training and economic well-being. 

Look at the options available

Tersum understand that each client’s needs are unique therefore require a tailored solution specific to their location, environment and energy requirements. 

Tersum takes the time to assess each of the options available, matching back to stakeholders needs, objectives, timelines and challenges. 

Select the right option

Tersum, through a collaborative approach with stakeholders, will tailor a project to meet the agreed objectives through the use of solar. 

Design and engineer it right 

The experienced Tersum team working with our strategic technology and engineering partners will design and engineer a facility that meets best in class process and environmental standards. 

Deliver it on-time and on budget 

Our approach is to fabricate in modules to streamline project schedules and deliver end to end value added projects. This mitigates project schedule risk.

Our commitment is to deliver on time and budget.