Tersum Energy is a sustainable energy company based in Western Australia

In today’s modern world, the supply of energy is a vital ingredient to a safe, stable and productive way of life. 

We’re a sustainable energy company run by Western Australians, for Western Australians. Our mission is to use innovative technologies to provide cheaper, cleaner and more reliable electricity to West Australian’s and stimulate economic development in WA communities. 

Tersum Energy was founded by Rodney Littlejohn in 2011. Tersum Energy subsequently acquired Clear Energy, our electricity retail partner. 

About Rod

After working abroad for many years in the oil and gas industry, when Rod returned to Perth he saw an opportunity to improve the power system model and deliver electricity differently. 

Rod recognised that the traditional centralised electricity model is outdated and unsustainable. It does not aqeduately address the environmental issues, meet challenging societal expectations, utilise innovative technologies or service evolving economic demand. 

Rod had a vision for how the model could be used changed, and deliver mutual benefits for many. 

Over 15 years experience

Deeply Commited

Highly Skilled

Rod Littlejohn

Managing director